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Georgia covid-19 vaccine hunters

For many Atlantans, the hunt is on for a Covid vaccine appointment

Atlantans are using social media crowdsourcing to find unclaimed Covid-19 vaccine appointments and wait lists for doses that would otherwise go to waste. They're also using social media to help others navigate the confusing vaccination system.
Wake Up Atlanta Kavi Vu Phi Nguyen

“Wake Up Atlanta” How Kavi Vu and Phi Nguyen use Facebook to get Asian American Atlantans engaged in politics

Wake Up Atlanta founders Kavi Vu and Phi Nguyen created the web series last year as a way to inspire Asian Americans in Atlanta to become more civically educated and engaged, with an aim of increasing Asian American voter turnout and informing the community about important issues and policies through fun videos and on-the-ground interviews.

Infographic of the Day: One way the Saints still beat the Falcons

Facebook's color-coded map reveals a crimson hold on Georgia, but a gaudy shade of fool’s gold spewing forth from New Orleans.

Stomp and Stammer’s Jeff Clark may be the most hated man in Atlanta today

On a day with a -5 wind chill, the temperature throughout the city managed to plunge even further south on Tuesday once Atlantans got a look at the January issue of Stomp and Stammer magazine. The 17-year-old monthly ‘zine published and edited by veteran Atlanta writer Jeff Clark, is a self-described hodgepodge of “news, music, noise, opinion and garbage.” Across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr posts, friends, family and fans of Atlanta chef and restaurant owner Ria Pell are using the latter term to describe Clark’s 2013 In Review wrap up in the new issue.

What does Facebook Graph say about Atlanta stereotypes?

The social media site rolled out its robust search tool to the public last Monday. For those unfamiliar, this is kind of like Big Brother—if your brother really cared about how much you watch 'The Walking Dead' or wanted to razz you about listening to Zac Brown. You've probably already noticed the new search bar at the top of Facebook.

Fans react to Baton Bob’s “White Lesbian Bitch” fireworks display

There were plenty of fireworks Thursday night on Atlanta street performer Baton Bob’s Facebook page. Following an altercation with a fan at the Peachtree Road Race, the city’s alleged "Ambassador of Mirth" took to his Facebook page and posted this update to fans:

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