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How one family’s passion has tapped into a bustling Georgia market for farm-grown South Asian vegetables

Kattula Family Farms is one of just two commercial farms in Georgia devoted to growing South Asian vegetables. Plus: A roundup of five great restaurants for regional specialties from across India.

Five fun farms around the Southeast

These agricultural attractions are the cream of the crop.
Hoop houses

Local arugula in the winter? Thank a hoop house.

Ever wonder how locally grown spring produce like arugula and turnips ends up in winter markets? We owe that bounty to the hoop house.

Urban farmers now opting to rent, not buy, land

Even those with little to no agricultural know-how might assume, and reasonably so, that to be a farmer, you have to own land. Turns out, that’s not the case.

Atlanta Harvest hopes to create farms inside the perimeter

Created by Georgia Tech alumnus Corbin Klett and Emory University alumnus Bethaney Herrington, Atlanta Harvest is an organization focused on increasing consumer access to local, organic produce in the metro Atlanta area. To support local agriculture and economy, they are raising money to build farms in impoverished neighborhoods inside the perimeter.

Agriculture meets tourism in Southwest Georgia

Brooke Hatfield’s route took her past Sweet Grass Dairy and White Oak Pastures, but the southwest region is home to some of Georgia’s top-producing counties.

Atlanta loves CSAs

Community Supported 
Agriculture (CSA) is the gawky term for a feel-good undertaking: Members purchase a subscription “share” in a farm, and then at weekly pickup locations they receive boxes—or bags, or baskets—of just-harvested produce and sometimes other staples, including eggs, cheese, or meat.

May 2013

Here’s one more thing about Serenbe: It’s a USDA-certified organic farm, one of just sixty-seven in the state of Georgia as of last summer, according to Georgia Organics. All together, those farms operate 5,271 certified organic acres. While that represents a mere one-twentieth of one percent of Georgia’s overall agricultural acres, it’s worth recognizing. Being certified organic is more than just promising not to spray chemical insecticide over your crops: It demands a huge commitment of time, as organic farmers must be diligent as bookkeepers in recording harvests, soil health, mulch applications, seed sourcing, you name it.

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