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A drone’s eye view of the SkyView Atlanta Ferris wheel

The jury’s still out on SkyView’s iconic potential, but the attraction—with its 42 climate-controlled, light-encircled gondolas—has served as the backdrop for scene-setting shots during national sports broadcasts and countless family photos.

A ride on Downtown’s new SkyView Ferris wheel

After weeks of thunderstorms and rain delays, SkyView Atlanta finally opened today in the sweltering, sticky July heat. Luckily, the air-conditioning in the gondolas works pretty well.

The giant Ferris wheel is almost finished

After much hype (and a little delay) the 200-foot SkyView Atlanta Ferris wheel now has an opening date: Tuesday, July 16. There will be a noon ribbon-cutting ceremony prior to the first gondola’s circumnavigation, and SkyView spokesman Jason Evans says he expects a big crowd.

If you wanted to ride a giant Ferris wheel in downtown Atlanta, you’ll have to wait a little longer

If you were hoping for a Ferris wheel and fireworks combo, you’re out of luck: SkyView Atlanta won’t open in time for Fourth of July.

Construction starts on Atlanta’s Ferris wheel

It may not look like much now, but come July 2, this spot across the way from Centennial Olympic Park will house Atlanta’s 200-foot tall Ferris wheel. Step one: Create the waiting-to-board area. About 15,000 pounds of concrete will be poured here starting this evening. (We showed up at the media photo op time to find the actual concrete demo a little behind schedule.)

Apparently downtown Atlanta’s getting a 20-story Ferris wheel

Don’t get me wrong. I love Atlanta. Love Downtown. Have unabashed boosterish tendencies. But when I heard that the Atlanta City Council voted this week to approve installation of a twenty-story Ferris wheel near Centennial Olympic Park, my reaction was simple: WTF?

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