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Filipino cuisine and tiki drinks come to Pullman Yards with Zarate at Dailies

Zarate Kitchen takes over Dailies & Sides at Pullman Yards on Mondays and Tuesdays and is served on the patio Wednesday through Sunday. The goal is “quick, affordable, casual meals with bite-sized portions you can grab,” Marcus Fernandez says.
Kamayan ATL review

Review: Kamayan ATL serves Filipino feasts fit for sharing

At their new restaurant in Buford Highway's Asian Square, Mia Orino and Carlo Gan serve a regular a la carte menu most nights of the week, in addition to hosting regular kamayan-style meals—the ones their pop-up made famous.
Atlanta's Filipino food boom

Atlanta’s Filipino food boom

These days, it’s not uncommon to see waves of interest in food from historically underappreciated communities—but it’s also not uncommon to see those waves come and go quickly, the cuisine treated as a temporary fad rather than a durable part of the culinary landscape. Atlanta’s not just having a moment with Filipino food, though; it’s undergoing an awakening.

The verdict on 4 new Atlanta restaurants: Roshambo, Kamayan ATL, TKO, and Corner Slice

The American diner reimagined in Buckhead, Filipino fare on Buford Highway, Korean-American street food in EAV, and Detroit-style pizza in Oakhurst.

Filipino pop-up Kamayan ATL’s Buford Highway brick-and-mortar will open this summer

Filipino pop-up Kamayan ATL plans to officially open as a full-service restaurant on Buford Highway in June. Located in Asian Square near Mamak, it will serve traditional fare inspired by the heritage of owners Mia Orino and Carlo Gan.

Filipino restaurant Estrellita is set to open in Grant Park this spring

The restaurant from Hope Webb and Walter Cortado will serve beefsteak, chicken adobo, lumpia, pancit, and bone marrow soup, among many other items.

Upper Room pop-up brings Filipino food to Buckhead

This underrepresented cuisine has finally surfaced at Upper Room, a pop-up run by chef Andrew Bantug and Joyce Lau on Sundays at Tomo that routinely sells out in minutes.

Assi Plaza

The most global culinary destination in Gwinnett, the metro area’s most international county, at first glance looks like a typical American food court. But the bazaar inside Duluth’s Assi Plaza brings together the cuisines of Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam, Russia, the Philippines, and Peru under one roof. Compared to the other Asian hypermarkets—Super H Mart, Great Wall Supermarket, and Mega Mart—opened in recent years along Pleasant Hill Road, Assi (which launched in 2009) delivers the most cross-cultural reach. In its food court, counters with attractive, uniform signage face a common dining area with wood-grain, laminated tables grouped on a linoleum floor that draws the eye with its sunny colors. Every vendor posts backlit pictures of staggeringly diverse menu items.

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