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Anything is possible with punch and pork: Reflections on the Southern Foodways Alliance symposium

Evan Mah reflects on his first time at the Southern Foodways Alliance symposium, held in Oxford, Mississippi last weekend.

My Charleston: Nathalie Dupree

Nathalie Dupree is the award-winning author of New Southern Cooking and several other cookbooks. She lives in Charleston and is the founding chairman of the Charleston Wine and Food Festival. New restaurants are opening in...

What’s Classic and What’s Coming in Charleston: Dining

Charleston natives and brothers Matt and Ted Lee are the authors of three cookbooks, most recently The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen. “Dave’s Carry Out (843-577-7943) is a classic that’s totally worth it. It’s charming and...

What’s in your mac & cheese?

A couple of mom food bloggers are taking on Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, with an online petition demanding the company stop using the dyes that give the kid-favorite pasta its trademark neon yellow glow. Dr. Maureen Lamm, a Marietta doctor and mom is outspoken on the topic. She's founder of MomsABC, a site that gives parents information to make healthy choices for their kids.

Holler for Collards

When I was a kid, I would drive a spike through my eye before eating a bowl of collard greens.

The Arrogance and the Ecstasy: Günter Seeger has been called a tyrant, an elitist, a snob. Guess what? He doesn’t care.

Günter Seeger reaches for a bottle of Vittel mineral water, empties it into a shiny pan and sets it on the stove. He calmly fills the glass insert of a transparent teapot with mysterious dried yellow flower heads

Nathalie Dupree is still hungry

Nathalie’s world, viewed from great distance, sometimes takes on an illusionary quality, like the blue serenity of Earth to the eye of an orbiting astronaut: a warm and cozy world of roasting chickens and fresh-baked bread, strains of Mozart filtering softly from her stereo, begonias and herbs overgrowing their pots on her deck in Ansley Park.

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