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Best of Atlanta 2016

Ramen: Jinya Ramen Bar

This sleek, stylish Los Angeles import delivers a blitz of tasty snacks like octopus balls, gyoza dumplings, caramelized cauliflower, and soft pork belly buns.
Best of Atlanta 2016

South Indian: Chennai Express Pure Veg-Indian

The interior isn’t much to look at, but it’s the beautiful Tamil cuisine that attracts diners from across the metro area.

First-Date Bar: Amer

It’s one thing to have a bar menu full of stunning, layered extravagances. It’s another to serve them in such effortlessly stylish, moody surroundings.
Best of Atlanta 2016

Pork Heaven: Porch Light Latin Kitchen

Chef Andre Gomez, like most Puerto Ricans, has a thing for pig: pork-filled sandwiches, roast suckling pig, and an unusual island specialty known as “can can pork,” a gigantic cut that resembles a crown roast and is marinated, grilled, then deep-fried for max crispness and rich taste.

Chinese: Masterpiece

Since opening last year, this restaurant has doubled in size to accommodate the crowds, who are drawn to Rui Liu's full-throttle Sichuan cooking.
Best of Atlanta 2016

Dim sum: Royal China

It may be an elderly stand-by in restaurant years, but this modest establishment boasts a seemingly endless menu of dumplings and savories that’s without equal in town.
Best of Atlanta 2016

Best-Kept Secret: Spring

Easily the best restaurant within miles of Marietta Square, this newcomer is worth a visit no matter which direction you’re driving from.
Best of Atlanta 2016

Oysters: Kimball House

Kimball House earns high marks for value (check out the happy hour for $1 to $2 oysters), unique drinks, and impeccable service, but what really fires up our Southern pride is the menu’s expanding selection of Gulf and lower Atlantic Coast oysters.
Best of Atlanta 2016

New Classic Steakhouse: 101 Steak

Vinings wins big with this top-notch establishment, where the service is thoughtful and considered, the cocktails are rich, and the meat is a cut above (especially at the relatively affordable prices).
Best of Atlanta 2016

Vegan: Herban Fix

Refined decor, gorgeous Asian-influenced dishes, and a team that understands that non-animal-eaters deserve more than bland slabs of fake meat make this upscale spot a hit with both hard-core vegans and the business lunch crowd.

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