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Best of Atlanta 2016

Yakitori: Brush Sushi Izakaya

The cool Decatur newbie touts its sushi in the name, but trust us: You want the plump and juicy chicken skewers grilled over Japanese charcoal.
Sarah Donuts

Doughnuts: Sarah Donuts

You could spend $4 on a doughnut that seems decorated just for Instagram. But if you’re judging on taste alone, this 12-year-old north metro chain takes the cake.

Round-the-Clock Stop: 8Arm

When Lusca closed early this year it was a blow to the Atlanta restaurant scene, but you’ll find plenty of its alums at 8Arm, the first installment in Angus Brown and Nhan Le’s planned mini empire on Ponce.
Best of Atlanta 2016

New Chocolates: Jardí

Jocelyn Gragg’s chocolates are so pretty you almost don’t want to eat them. Almost.
Best of Atlanta 2016

Comeback: David Bies

After a four-year stint at Restaurant Eugene, Bies left not just Atlanta but the country in order to train in kitchens across Asia.
Best of Atlanta 2016

New Wine Shop: Barcelona VinoTeca

Barcelona Wine Bar’s first retail store offers exactly what you’d expect from the restaurant: a casual-cool vibe, friendly staff, and lots of Spanish wine.
Best of Atlanta 2016

Rising-Star Chef: Christian Castillo

Atlas is one of a small handful of restaurants that still employ a full-time pastry chef, and it has struck gold with Castillo.

New Restaurant: Staplehouse

From a quiet corner on Edgewood Avenue, Staplehouse has captured the attention and appetites of diners across the country, earning accolades from GQ, the James Beard Foundation, and Bon Appétit.
Best of Atlanta 2016

New Rooftop Bar: O-Ku

Join the groups lounging on comfy couches and sipping fruit-forward cocktails, beer, wine, or (our fave) Nanbu Bijin sake.
Best of Atlanta 2016

High-Roller Bar: Himitsu

If you really want to impress someone (James Bond, say), then book a reservation at this “Japanese speakeasy,” hidden behind a secret door that swings open only after you supply a password or retinal scan.

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