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Saddest and happiest NFL fans

If you're a Falcons fan, you're probably in an OK mood this morning. There was no big win or big loss yesterday to make you exceptionally happy or sad. Two Emory business professors studied the happiness and sadness quotient of NFL fans after a win or loss. Much of their research involved analyzing Twitter after a game to see how fans reacted.

Money Ball: UGA vs. Tech

Since 1893, the Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Georgia football teams have battled in a rivalry known as “clean, old-fashioned hate.” We’ll let sports geeks crunch stats on wins and losses.* But as the teams prepare to face off November 30 at Bobby Dodd Stadium, here’s an analysis of what really matters: dollars and cents.

Brian Banks awaits another verdict

Like most young football players, Brian Banks spent years dreaming of the day he’d run out of the tunnel onto an NFL field. However, the once-prized high school linebacker did most of his dreaming in prison and under house arrest, wrongfully convicted of rape at the age of seventeen in 2002.

The Doritos ad champ

Ben Callner is twenty-eight and lives in the basement of his girlfriend’s parents’ home in Decatur—by choice, he insists, not necessity.

On the Falcons’ New Stadium

A new stadium! Georgia Dome 3.0: the thinnest, lightest, fastest arena ever! With a retractable roof! At a cost of a mere billion, $300 million of which would come from hotel/motel taxes, the rest from Falcons owner Arthur Blank and the NFL.

Videos of the Day: Future Georgia Bulldog Ray Drew

Ray Drew announced his college plans this morning at Thomas County Central High School. The much-sought-after Thomasville five-star defensive end has chosen UGA. Check out a highlight video put together by 247 Sports to see how Drew can contribute to the Bulldogs (there isn't any audio) and an interview with the high schooler about his college goals

The F Word

Once upon a time, in the middle of the capital city of the South, there was a university without a football team. This is a fact, true as the field is a hundred yards long, almost too strange to believe.

The Case Against Matt Ryan

You are not about to read a meditation on the virtues of Saint Matthew Ryan, savior of the Atlanta Falcons.

The Voice

It’s been likened to gravel. A cement mixer. Even a dump truck. So much has been made of that voice. For the legions of University of Georgia fans, it is so venerated and so beloved that it seems to exist as an entity unto itself. The voice of Georgia football.

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