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UPDATE: “Flattered” Fox News releases statement on R.E.M. song

After reading our coverage today, Fox News reps have thoughtfully released a statement about R.E.M's cease and desist request after the cable news channel aired a portion of the Athens act's hit single, "Losing My Religion" this week during the Democratic National Convention.

R.E.M. to Fox News: Cease and desist!

While the members of R.E.M.have parted ways professionally, the Athens-birthed rockers are banding together to keep their music off of Fox News.

Newt Gingrich: Losing friends and alienating people

If it had happened in February or March, Rick Santorum's withdrawal from the GOP Presidential race would have been great news for Newt Gingrich. I'm not suggesting he would have beat Romney, but he would have had a better shot - particularly in the southern primaries where Romney is least popular. Instead, Santorum's announcement Monday that he's giving up the fight has actually managed to Gingrich look (even more) foolish.

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