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Team Coco adds an app, Braves seek Band of the Year, Armisen eats!

"Conan" fans are no doubt still celebrating from last week's announcement that the late-night talk show has been picked up for two more years by Atlanta-based TBS. Or as Conan O'Brien himself put it: "I'll be taping episodes of 'Conan" well into the Ron Paul presidency." On Monday, TBS sent us more good news for fans: The free Team Coco tablet app is now patiently awaiting your download in the iTunes app store. Presented by launch sponsor AT&T, we're told the tablet app (available for both iOS and Android platforms) will feature Automatic Content Recognition. ACR is the tech geek way to explain the app's awesome real-time features as viewers tune into O'Brien each night. The app was designed to deliver as many as 25 pieces of exclusive synchronized content throughout each episode, including video clips, live billboard comments, background info on guests, polls and quizzes plus Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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