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Busy Bee

Fried Chicken: Busy Bee

The intoxicating aroma of this soul food institution’s signature dish hits you before you’re even halfway to the front door. With a featherlight crust that flakes onto the table and into your lap, and flesh as juicy as potlikker, this chicken is as hallowed as the restaurant itself, which opened in 1947.
Watershed on Peachtree

Watershed on Peachtree

I have baggage at Watershed. Left luggage, you might call it. The one local restaurant I really knew before moving here last year was the Decatur Watershed of Scott Peacock, whose quietly vibrant food defined what I thought could be Southern.

A fried chicken manifesto

Fried chicken belongs to the world. Wherever fowl wander the yard or roost in coops, and in any culture in which cooks ply hot fat, the dish surely exists. The twentieth-century globalization of U.S. fast-food chains ensured that nearly every country on the planet knows the baseline pleasure of battered and deep-fried poultry.

Top ten places to eat fried chicken in Atlanta

Our definitive word on the gospel bird.

Chicken chasers

Wine, cocktails, or beer—fried chicken plays well with others

Opposites attract: Chicken and waffles are the original sweet-and-salty odd couple

Before bacon-maple doughnuts and chocolate-dipped potato chips snagged their fifteen minutes of stardom, fried chicken and waffles paired off as the original sweet-and-salty odd couple.

Southern-fried fast food chains

Judging fast-foood chicken by it's crunchiness, greasiness, and saltiness, among other important factors

Winging it

The province of chicken wings belongs to the Northeast, not the South. Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, lays stake to the invention of deep-frying wings, claiming owner Teressa Bellissimo made them as a snack for her bartender son, Dominic, and his friends.

Publix chix fix

The biggest revelation during my research for this project? How oblivious I was to the adoration surrounding Publix fried chicken.

A worldly bird

As we said in our introduction, this bird belongs to the world. You might not think of making fried chicken with Indian-inspired coconut oil and mango sauce, but it totally works. Check out these five Atlanta eateries serving fried chicken with international flair.

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