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The 7 most ridiculous stunts from the Fast and the Furious films

When a trailer for filmed-in-Atlanta “Furious 7” premiered during February’s Super Bowl, one particular stunt stood out: Vin Diesel driving a rare Lykan HyperSport through a skyscraper window as explosions blasted behind him. But diving through sky-high windows is just the tip of the iceberg. We found the craziest scene in each film and ranked them.

How much would it cost to “mod out” your wheels Vin Diesel-style?

Atlanta traffic may be an impediment to high-speed auto theatrics, but you can still “mod out” your wheels Vin Diesel-style. We talked to Eugene Chou—managing partner at Koruworks, a Marietta shop that sells and installs parts to modify performance vehicles—about what it would take to create a street race–worthy ride.

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