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Entertainment Export: Atlanta

Donald Glover’s passion project won our hearts for offering a nuanced portrait of life in Atlanta and showcasing corners of the city not usually seen on screen, like J.R. Crickets or the county jail—all while still being laugh-out-loud funny
Atlanta FX

Commentary: It’s hard to explain Atlanta to outsiders, but FX’s Atlanta gets it

For Atlantans, translating what it means to live or be from here to outsiders can prove to be a challenge, and we tend to show more than tell.
Atlanta FX

PSA: You can watch the first episode of Atlanta for free

The long awaited series, which finally premiered Tuesday evening, is quickly gathering rave reviews from critics and viewers alike. If you want see what the buzz is all about for yourself, FX is streaming the first episode for free right now.
Atlanta FX Donald Glover

Video of the Day: Donald Glover’s Atlanta trailer

Nearly two years after FX first ordered the pilot for Atlanta, Donald Glover's TV series centered around two cousins navigating the city's hip-hop scene, the 10-episode first season is set to premiere on September 6.
Archer Season 7

Atlanta actors Amber Nash and Lucky Yates discuss season 7 of Archer

On March 31, animated cult hit Archer returns to FX for its seventh season. We spoke with Atlanta actors Amber Nash (Pam Poovey) and Lucky Yates (Dr. Krieger) about voicing their characters, what to expect this season, and their dream spy gadgets.

6 things we hope to get in Donald Glover’s new TV show, ‘Atlanta’

Get ready for a Stone Mountain native to weigh in on Atlanta's music scene. Donald Glover will write, produce, and star in a new half-hour comedy series on FX, reports Deadline.

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