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Gamble + Gamble Architects

Gamble + Gamble Architects

Husband-and-wife-led architecture firm Gamble + Gamble has built a reputation for designing progressive single-family homes, modern-style townhomes, and striking hospitality design. But the restoration of the historic (and crumbling) Clermont Hotel presented challenges on a new scale.
Michael and Lee Ann Gamble house

This three-story Lake Oconee home is a contemporary take on lakefront living

Michael and Lee Ann Gamble's three-story lakeside home, completed in 2007, is a compact tower of Alabama limestone, concrete, and glass that nestles gracefully into its steeply sloped lot, creatively allowing access from each level via bridge, path, or patio. The vertical footprint affords views and outdoor spaces off of every floor, including a rooftop garden and outdoor kitchen.

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