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How to attract butterflies to your yard

How to attract butterflies to your yard

Use these tips from Chattahoochee Nature Center manager Lisa Cole to bring all the butterflies to your garden this summer.
Christiane Chronicles

The Christiane Chronicles: Restaurant parking nightmares, and Sobban’s impressive garden

The absolute worst part about my otherwise enviable job? Parking. Depending on where I go, I’m left to navigate wonky meters, spiral-of-death garages (Empire State South), ridiculously steep terrain (Bell Street Burritos in south Buckhead), and dark, suspicious lots (basically everywhere in Little Five Points and East Atlanta).
Ivy leaves

July 2015: Branching out

The other day I was driving on I-285 and right there on the shoulder, near the interchange with I-85, someone had stuck a sign in the dirt that read simply “ENGLISH IVY KILLS TREES.”

5 tips for planting your own tomatoes

Everyone knows grocery store tomatoes are lame. Fortunately, according to garden expert and WSB host Walter Reeves, tomatoes are one of the easiest vegetables to grow yourself.

GardenHood brings rare Asian plants to Atlanta

Scott McMahan can see China from Grant Park. And Vietnam, and a few other countries halfway around the world.

Growing Home

The first thing i did was plant marigolds in 
the red earth. I didn’t know what I was doing or why I was doing it. I didn’t especially like marigolds. Nor would they last long in the shade garden I had acquired upon moving to Atlanta.

Atlanta History Center’s Secret Garden

The Atlanta History Center’s Cherokee Garden Library began in a converted telephone closet in 1975, with a couple of dozen books stacked horizontally so the collection would look more substantial. Nearly forty years later, there’s no mistaking its significance now.

James Farmer III

If that arbiter of Southern style, Garden & Gun magazine, had a Georgia poster boy (besides Sid Mashburn), it would be James Farmer III—a twenty-nine-year-old prepster who refurbishes historic Southern gardens and blogs about farm-to-table cuisine.

Garden Notebook: Airport

Abra Lee can only wish people would tiptoe through the tulips—instead of crushing them with suitcases, rooting among them to stash liquor bottles, and driving tractor trailers over whole beds of them.

Garden Notebook: Veggie Tales

If the Michelle Obama episode of Iron Chef has you inspired to grow your first veggies, Atlanta’s “Farmer D” warns that you must start with the dirt.

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