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DOMA ruling will take time to impact Georgia

DOMA’s done. So what happens next?

Tweets of the Day: Kasim Reed, the AJC, and Gay Marriage Edition

Our mayor came out in favor of gay marriage last month. This morning, the folks on the newspaper's PolitiFact team gave Reed a "full flip" rating on their Flip-O-Meter. Twitter responds.

Newt vows to rescue marriage from pesky gays

Last summer, a Christian conservative group called The Family Leader asked GOP candidates to sign a so-called marriage vow. The vow is a essentially a pledge to support Christian conservative political initiatives related to issues like marriage and abortion.

Bill and Doug Got Married*

It was a small wedding. Bill and Doug arrived together for the ceremony, as for the past 50 years they had arrived together for everything. Each wore a braided gold band as a symbol of commitment. They were not dressed traditionally for such an occasion, but since it was theirs to celebrate, what they wore didn’t matter.

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