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Kirsten and Maria Palladino

My road to marriage and parenthood was confronted with challenges straight couples never face

While there’s nothing “step” about any LGBTQ+ parents who are present from conception onward, we are still subject to the terminology of the government and the whims of the people who run it.

DOMA ruling will take time to impact Georgia

DOMA’s done. So what happens next?

Tweets of the Day: Kasim Reed, the AJC, and Gay Marriage Edition

Our mayor came out in favor of gay marriage last month. This morning, the folks on the newspaper's PolitiFact team gave Reed a "full flip" rating on their Flip-O-Meter. Twitter responds.

Newt vows to rescue marriage from pesky gays

Last summer, a Christian conservative group called The Family Leader asked GOP candidates to sign a so-called marriage vow. The vow is a essentially a pledge to support Christian conservative political initiatives related to issues like marriage and abortion.

Bill and Doug Got Married*

It was a small wedding. Bill and Doug arrived together for the ceremony, as for the past 50 years they had arrived together for everything. Each wore a braided gold band as a symbol of commitment. They were not dressed traditionally for such an occasion, but since it was theirs to celebrate, what they wore didn’t matter.

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