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Emails: Georgia officials catered to distributors’ wishes over those of craft brewers

“Even reason reform and our best efforts to legislative change are being overturned by political forces and special interests that seem to be above the law. Georgia deserves better.”

Wrecking Bar releases Strong Beer Fest list

This December marks the second annual Wrecking Bar Strong Beer Fest. Hosted at the brewpub, every beer is 8% ABV or above, and every brewery is based in Georgia. Last year the festival featured more than 30 beers—this year, Wrecking Bar owner and brewer Bob Sandage says attendees can expect more than 50 high-gravity beers, some of which will make their debut at the event.

Georgia Craft Brewers Guild rallies for support

The Georgia Craft Brewers Guild launched GABeerJobs.com on Monday, in their effort to get new bills considered in the upcoming legislative session (a previous bill, HB 314, was tabled last spring). Osayi Endolyn talked with GCBG president Nancy Palmer about the launch and what the guild is hoping to accomplish with the website.

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