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Water spinach

Water spinach, a staple of Asian cuisine, is finally legal in Georgia

Until recently, water spinach was illegal to sell in Georgia. The lifting of the ban reflects an evolving understanding of the risks—and value—of non-native plants.
Georgia pecan farmers

Georgia pecan farmers have thrived for a century. After Hurricane Michael, they’re unsure if they’ll survive another generation.

After Hurricane Matthew in 2016, Hurricane Irma in 2017, and Hurricane Michael in 2018, Georgia's pecan farming industry is suffering. Georgia lost a sixth of its total pecan trees from Hurricane Michael and generations of farmers lost their crops—giving them a long road to recovery. Combined with increasing tariffs, many farmers are uncertain about their future.

Listeria concerns trigger nationwide recall over frozen vegetables, sunflower seeds, and more

Retailers are actively pulling products from store shelves, and consumers are advised to cross-check any recent purchases with the full list.

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