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Dewberry Market delivers fresh farm produce to the heart of Midtown

A few weeks ago, midway through hacking into a grocery store tomato with the less than tantalizing texture of styrofoam, we temporarily lost our mind. At the height of tomato season, why on earth were we subjecting ourselves to this genetic freak of a fruit? The short answer? Because we happen to live in Midtown. Oh sure, there's a bounty of hipster intown Farmers Markets competing with each other every weekend (see the official Atlanta magazine Farmers Market Guide here). Alas, our idea of fun is not the produce-shopping-as-a-contact-sport that can be found at certain farmers markets at 8:01 each Saturday morning. Throwing elbows for fresh okra just doesn't appeal to us (overzealous Morningside Farmers Market shoppers, we're looking at you. . .). So, what to do on a Tuesday afternoon when Midtown dwellers crave a juicy tomato for a BLT or fresh local produce for supper?

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