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Doris Ulmann

Doris Ulmann’s photography aimed to preserve disappearing cultures in the Southeast

Despite her groundbreaking documentary photography, photographer Doris Ulmann never gained the reputation of her contemporaries. Now the Georgia Museum of Art is hosting the first complete retrospective of her work, Vernacular Modernism: The Photography of Doris Ulmann.
Tools of the Trade

How to ship an artistic masterpiece

Museums often borrow works of art for exhibitions, but how does a precious, fragile painting from, say, New York make its way to Atlanta without a speck of damage? This month the Georgia Museum of Art offers a rare glimpse into the complexities of shipping a work.
Raymond Smith

Georgia Museum of Art photography exhibit showcases the spirit of 1970s America

In 1974 Raymond Smith, a 31-year-old graduate student in American studies at Yale, drove cross-country with two twin-lens reflex cameras in tow. Inspired by Depression-era and post-war photographers Walker Evans and Robert Frank, he set out to document the people and spirit of 1970s America.

Italian designer Emilio Pucci’s work returns to Athens with Georgia Museum of Art exhibit

Little-known fact: Italian aristocrat and fashion designer Emilio Pucci, famous for his kaleidoscopic patterns, studied agriculture at the University of Georgia in 1935. This month, a costume exhibition at the Georgia Museum of Art, Emilio Pucci in America, brings his work back to Athens. According to curator Mary Koon, Pucci long maintained his Georgia ties, even instating his American headquarters in Atlanta during the eighties.

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