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Andrew Zimmern Atlanta

Andrew Zimmern shares his Atlanta favorites on his new Travel Channel show

“Atlanta isn’t easily defined, and I think the more you try to define it, the less you're going to enjoy it," Andrew Zimmern says while touring the city in his new show, The Zimmern List.
Ann's Snack Bar

The future of the world-famous Ghetto Burger

“There’s very few places up and down this strip that [our customers] can get the kind of burger that they get here. They can find a McDonald’s, they can find a Burger King, but that’s not the same thing, and that’s what they tell us every day.”

After Ann, a burger shack pushes ahead

Last April, the fiery-tempered face of the restaurant who kept customers in line, kicking out anyone who broke her rules, passed. In her place, Ann’s sister, Josephine Culver, and her three brothers stepped in to keep the restaurant going.

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