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San Miguel de Allende

Jewelry designer Gogo Ferguson’s guide to artsy San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

San Miguel de Allende, an artsy town in the Mexican highlands, is not the first place you’d associate with jewelry designer Gogo Ferguson. That would be Cumberland Island, where Ferguson is one of just a handful of residents. But few people know that over the past 15 years, she and her family have made another home in San Miguel.
Gogo jewelry

42. Gogo Jewelry, St. Simons Island

Jewelry maker Gogo Ferguson is one of a number of Carnegie descendants who still live on Cumberland.

A conversation with Georgia artist Gogo Ferguson

Three decades ago at her downtown Atlanta loft, Georgia artist Janet "Gogo" Ferguson first unveiled the nature-inspired pieces for what would become an internationally acclaimed, multi-million dollar jewelry business. As a descendant of Thomas Carnegie who bought Georgia's Cumberland Island in the late 19th century, the granddaughter of Lucy Ferguson spent much of her childhood growing up on coastal Georgia. Today as a year-round resident on Cumberland, Ferguson operates her Gogo Jewelry business and an artist studio there.

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