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Ron Gant’s Good Day Atlanta debut, Cee Lo spotted!, Out on Film winners

Former Atlanta Braves slugger No. 5 Ron Gant retained his old number as he took a swing at a new career Thursday morning as co-anchor of Fox 5's "Good Day Atlanta" program. Gant, of course, is best known for spending seven years of his major league baseball career here in Atlanta two decades ago, including contributions to two World Series. Introducing the former Braves outfielder at the top of the 7 o'clock hour, "Good Day Atlanta" co-host Gurvir Dhindsa told groggy viewers, "In case you're just joining us, we want to welcome Ron Gant to 'Good Day Atlanta,' the newest member of our family." Clasping his hands together, Gant replied, "I can't believe it! I'm actually here on 'Good Day Atlanta,' the best morning show in the city, that's right." "There ya go," Dhindsa said smiling, "he's got all the right things to say. I know you're a coffee drinker. How were you when that alarm went off this morning? How was it?" Gant told Gurvir: "Coffee tastes wonderful. And I've had a lot of it!"

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