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Women Making a Mark: Nadine Kaslow

It’s impossible to know how many lives Nadine Kaslow has saved over the course of her career.
Atlanta After Dark: Addis Lewis, trauma nurse at Grady Health System

Even at 5 a.m., this trauma nurse is saving Atlanta lives at Grady Hospital

Three nights a week, from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., Addis Lewis joins Grady Memorial Hospital medical professionals tending to car crashes, gunshot wounds, heart attacks.

Who was most excited about Grady’s Walking Dead debut? The staff.

Atlanta fans of The Walking Dead got a treat during the first half of season five when a kidnapped Beth found herself trapped in a familiar place: Grady hospital. The return to the ATL brought lots of local eye candy (APD squad cars! The Equitable Building!), but perhaps no one was more excited than Grady employees themselves.

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