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Gram Parsons

Atlanta Must Reads for the Week: Tyler Perry, tales of a former Grady paramedic, and Gram Parsons’s Nudie suit

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What It’s Like To: Bring Someone Back to Life

In 1993 David V. Feliciano received a phone call in the middle of the night from a surgical resident at Grady Memorial Hospital about a patient who had been stabbed in a robbery. The resident sewed up a hole in the heart, but called Feliciano again when the liver began bleeding uncontrollably. The patient was dying.

Q&A: Grady’s Michael Young

Michael Young is a numbers guy. He started doing the math even before he took office last September—examining, from his room in Buckhead’s Embassy Suites, a week’s worth of every check over $1,000 that Grady issued. Once installed, he started keeping track of bills that were never sent, lengthy wait times in the ER, phones that were never answered, delays due to outdated or broken equipment.

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