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Organic no better than conventional? Baloney

After reading reports of a study suggesting that organic foods are no healthier than conventional foods, and then reading the source of those news stories in the current issue of Annals of Internal Medicine, I find that my reaction is mostly one of annoyance. Did I read the same study those other reporters read?

With beef, grass-fed is retro-chic

Field Notes (To receive our local foods column and other culinary tidbits directly in your inbox, sign up for our weekly dining newsletter.) There was a time, not too long ago, when what we now call “grass-fed beef” was just called "beef." What else would one feed one’s cattle? That’s what the beasts eat.

Local Food Finds: Tink’s Grass-Fed Beef

For the Wade family of Lucky7W farm in Wilkes County, local food is not a trend, but a birthright. Matriarch Etwenda “Tink” Wade is a fourth-generation farmer, and her three children, ages sixteen to twenty-three, do their share of chores on the 230-acre spread.

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