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What's filming in Atlanta now?

What’s filming in Atlanta now? Bad Boys 3, Zombieland 2, Jumanji 3, Stargirl, plus pilot season

DC series Stargirl is new in town, along with horror TV series Creepshow, produced by The Walking Dead's Greg Nicotero. Plus: Zombieland 2, Bad Boys 3, tons of new pilots, and news updates on the controversy over H.B. 481.

Walker Stalker Con: Greg Nicotero on The Walking Dead’s special effects

He’s the heart and soul of AMC’s The Walking Dead. No, I’m not talking about Norman Reedus, but rather Greg Nicotero: one of the show’s executive producers, occasional episode director, and the man in charge of all the guts, gore, and gangrenous undead flesh on the show. He was in town this weekend as a guest at Walker Stalker Con, now in its second year, where he participated in a panel.

Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus share the love at Walker Stalker Con

The brotherly bond between The Walking Dead stars Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus is so ubiquitous that even their Walker Stalker Con appearance was billed as the “Bromance Panel.” But when Lincoln arrived to Saturday’s event, he greeted a packed room of screaming fans not with Reedus, but with executive producer/director Greg Nicotero.

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