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AI supermarket in Chamblee promotes efficiency with checkout-free shopping

Founded by Georgia Tech aerospace engineer-turned-entrepreneur Ismael Fernandez, Green Picks Market features vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, organic, non-GMO, Kosher certified, paleo friendly offerings in a fully automated environment.
Atlanta Grocery Guide

Your metro Atlanta grocery guide: 90+ stores to explore

Consider this your ultimate directory of neighborhood markets, gourmet and specialty shops, butchers, international grocers, and national and regional retailers.
Cascade Road

What determines who gets a grocery store?

Cascade is distinct from nearby locales in that its residents don’t lack fresh food from traditional retailers. I was fascinated to learn that yet another grocer was moving in—even more so when I came across a city-created map of fresh-food options, where that cluster of stores stands in contrast to the rest of Southwest Atlanta, and the other predominantly Black neighborhoods where grocers are few and far between. Why the abundance in Cascade Heights? And how does a Black neighborhood that needs a grocer get one?

The survival of Sevananda, Atlanta’s only co-op grocery store

As Atlanta’s lone grocery store cooperative, and one of only a handful of vegetarian ones in the nation, Sevananda has endured nearly 45 years of change and some occasional conflict, both in Little Five Points and among the co-op’s member-owners and leadership.
Whole Foods Midtown Atlanta opens April 5

Rooftop brunch, multiple bars, yoga, and a veggie butcher: What to expect at Whole Foods Midtown

On April 5, the Southeast's largest Whole Foods will open on 14th Street in Midtown, boasting food carts, a coffee-and-wine bar, sunrise yoga on the roof, exclusive local items, a bike tune-up area, giant Jenga, and more.
Christiane Chronicles

The Christiane Chronicles: The delightful wonder that is Decatur’s First Oriental Market

First Oriental Market was established in 1984 by Diane Bounngaseng and her family in a ramshackle building plopped in Decatur. It is more than a place to grab some Chinese eggplants. It is always an adventure.

Westview Corner Grocery brings back the walkable, neighborhood market residents missed

Patrick Berry and Steffi Langer-Berry opened Westview Corner Grocery, selling natural, organic, local, and ethically-sourced specialty products such as Doux South pickles, Arden’s Garden juices, Honeysuckle Gelato, King of Pops, and Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate, as well as craft beer from SweetWater, Monday Night, and Arches Brewing, among others.

What you’ll find at the giant Glenwood Kroger

A new Kroger Marketplace opened recently near Grant Park and Ormewood Park, featuring, expanded take-out options, a Starbucks, kitchen and household items, an automotive aisle, and even a bar. Here's what we found when we went exploring.

Listeria concerns trigger nationwide recall over frozen vegetables, sunflower seeds, and more

Retailers are actively pulling products from store shelves, and consumers are advised to cross-check any recent purchases with the full list.
Bakkal International Foods

Grocery spotlight: Bakkal International Foods

With a broad selection of cured sausages, farmer’s cheeses, nuts, and dried fruit, Bakkal is a convenient stop for Eastern Europeans on the hunt for specialty items.

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