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Parent Councils United

An undercurrent of distrust has long pervaded DeKalb County schools. Thanks to perceptions that the “other part” of the county was getting more resources, parents in north and south DeKalb were deeply suspicious of each other. It took a crisis to bring them together.

The Rollins Center for Language and Literacy

At the Rollins Center, expert instructors train teachers, giving them tools to help young students who might be at risk for falling behind. Last year, the Rollins Center trained 980 teachers, who in turn reached 7,600 students.

Mount Vernon Presbyterian School

Believing that kids learn best when they’re not stuck behind desks in boring classrooms, Mount Vernon Presbyterian School created $500,000 open-concept flex spaces in the lower school.

Atlanta Community Food Bank’s Kids in Need

Kids from lower-income families face a host of struggles at school. Not having supplies to complete assignments is one of the most basic challenges.

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