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What you’ll see at this weekend’s NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta

Boasting "15 acres of guns and gear," the 2017 National Rifle Association Annual Meeting has attracted roughly 800 exhibitors, gun enthusiasts galore, and even the President of the United States for the first time in 34 years.

Guns fail, ethics bill passes on Legislature’s final night

The final night of the Georgia General Assembly always has something of a party atmosphere. After a dinner break during which senators, House members, Gold Dome staffers and lobbyists sit at communal tables in the soaring lobby of the state Capitol and feast on donated barbecue and sweet tea, everyone goes back upstairs and gets down to business—more or less.

Kasim Reed: Hillary in 2016, and Atlanta, please lighten up

Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for president in 2016, and she and her husband will make a play for Georgia. So predicted Mayor Kasim Reed, who spoke to the Atlanta Press Club today. Since taking office three years ago, Reed has steadily been raising his national profile, largely through his strident support of President Obama. It's led many to speculate about his own political ambitions beyond a second term (he faces re-election this fall, which will be little more than a formality), but when Maria Saporta asked him directly if he had designs on statewide political office beyond his current role, he said simply, "No."

If lawmakers like guns so much, why can’t we take them to the Capitol?

Creative Loafing reports state Sen. Vincent Fort will propose a ban on assault* weapons when lawmakers return to the Gold Dome in January. Fort says his proposal is a response to last Friday's mass murder at a Connecticut elementary school.

The gun lobby and Tony the Peachtree Center pizza guy

When I worked at Peachtree Center more than a decade ago, there was a very nice Italian man named Tony who ran a pizza shop in the food court. He had a running joke with me, my co-workers and other people we knew nearby. When we talked to him about tasks we had to accomplish, problems we were having, etc., he would often pause dramatically and burst out with "Eat more pizza." To the guy selling pizza, the solution to all of life's problems was obviously for you to buy more pizza. From him.

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