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COVID-19 strikes deep in Georgia’s Latinx communities

COVID-19 strikes deep in Georgia’s Latinx communities

Overall, Latinx people make up 9 percent of the state’s population but one-third of its COVID-19 cases, according to Georgia Department of Public Health data for which ethnicity was reported.

A drone’s eye view of the Harvest Balloon Festival

The clear autumn sky above the Sterling on the Lake subdivision in Hall County provides a perfect backdrop for the community’s annual Harvest Balloon Festival. During the weekend-long event, attendees can spend a few minutes in a balloon tethered about 40 feet above the neighborhood green, or soar as high as 3,000 feet in a ride designed to showcase North Georgia’s fall colors.
Chris Riley

22. Chris Riley

The Hall County native, who is Nathan Deal’s chief of staff, has worked for the governor since his 1992 congressional campaign. That kind of loyalty means that Deal leans on his right-hand man more than do most elected officials.

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