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A Marietta man’s medical app gets funding from a fictional doctor: Patrick Dempsey

Imagine having a mystery illness—but also access to dozens of health experts for diagnosis. Marietta native Jared Heyman created a medical crowdsourcing platform after his sister spent three years—and saw nearly two dozen doctors—fighting a life-threatening and undiagnosed disease.

Mind’s Eye

Nine-month-old Ansley Brane is strapped into a car seat in a silent booth. Except for a green screen on the wall behind her, the booth is all black, fitted with a handful of video cameras. Ansley, who is wearing a headband with a white bow, has nothing to look at but a blinking monitor two feet in front of her.

Health care costs not bad in Atlanta

Health care isn't all that expensive in Atlanta, according to a new report by the Institute of Medicine. We're under the national average.

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