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How climate will impact the 2022 elections

Climate change is on the ballot this November—and every elected official in Georgia has a role to play in fighting it

Despite another year of extreme heat, storms, floods, and wildfires, the climate crisis is still a neglected topic in electoral politics. But state leaders, from the governor on down, should be taking action.
How to stay cool while running in heat Atlanta

3 ways to stay cool while running this summer

In summer, some of us only dash from one air-conditioned place to another, while other brave souls actually head out for a jog. 2008 Olympian and Atlanta Track Club coach Amy Yoder Begley offers a few tips on surviving a hot run:

Infographic of the Day: Guess how hot Atlanta will get by 2100?

It’s a hot one today–with a smog alert, to boot. Especially after a few unseasonably (and gloriously) cool days, maybe now is the time to stay inside and check out this “1001 Blistering Future...

What you need to know about Hurricane Harbor, the new Six Flags water park

Six Flags Over Georgia, where throwing your hands in the air, relishing in the thrilling moments of plunging downhill and looping upside-down in reckless (and seat-belted) abandon is totally and completely worth the wait in line … with the sweltering heat, dizziness, and nausea that accompany it. Right?

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