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Find fresh local lamb at Heritage Farm

While most markets sell lamb frozen, Heritage Farm’s Greg and Lainya Hutchins go one better by delivering their prized pastured lamb fresh. They coordinate harvest and delivery with their butcher’s schedule; depending on the size, a leg will go for $40 to $50.

With a truck and the Internet, a farmer takes his food to the people

Early Wednesday morning, farmer Greg Hutchins and his daughter Grace loaded up the family truck with milk, eggs, jam, grass-fed beef, pastured chicken and pork, Christmas turkeys, and produce like apples, carrots, and arugula. But they weren’t headed to market—the ones they frequent have already closed for the winter. Instead, they were headed to Cumming, Douglasville, Dunwoody, and Sandy Springs to meet up with customers who had already paid for the food in the Hutchins’ vehicle.

Heritage Farm tests “buy first, shop later” CSA variation

Last week I wrote about the unfortunately named “community-supported agriculture” economic model, in which customers pay upfront for a weekly share of a farm’s output throughout the growing season. It’s a great system that generates revenue for farmers when they need it most, at the beginning of the season, and provides a steady flow of good food to the subscribers.

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