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Cain: Taliban infiltrating Libya

I'm starting to feel sad for Herman Cain.Today he said Libya has been infiltrated by the Taliban. See for yourself.

Herman Cain campaign death watch has begun

Is the Cain campaign dying? Let's see:1. His national poll numbers are in free-fall (Click here and look for the red line).

Cain gets Secret Service protection

National Journal reports Herman Cain became the first 2012 GOP candidate to get Secret Service protection. According to the report, the Cain campaign is concerned about crowd control, not a specific threat. (UPDATE: The Associated Press reports Cain has received threats.)

A closer look at Luther Cain Jr. and his relationship with Robert Woodruff

Herman Cain has written and spoken widely about his admiration for his late father, Luther Cain Jr., the man who moved young Herman, his brother, Thurman, and their mother, Lenora, from Memphis to Atlanta in the late 1940s. Luther’s plight—humping jobs as a barber, a janitor, and a chauffeur in the segregated South to support his family—has become a central part of the Cain campaign’s rags-to-riches mythology.

Herman Cain does not speak Cuban

Another day, another gaffe gift from Herman Cain.While campaigning to Cuban American voters in Miami Monday, Herman Cain did the usual schmoozy candidate thing of trying local food and drink in front of cameras. Nothing special there, until after taking a bite of food, Cain turned to the man behind him and asked, "How do you say delicious in Cuban?"

Cain wins!

Pizza magnate turned politician Herman Cain may be dropping in the polls, but Cain-ism appears to be thriving.

Cain falters while Gingrich surges

Time will tell, but it seems we at Cain Watch World Headquarters may have picked the wrong Metro Atlanta candidate to blog about.

Herman Cain caught on tape joking about Anita Hill

Nothing says "I take sexual harassment seriously" like a well-delivered Anita Hill joke.

Herman Cain is the Clarence Thomas of Bob Doles

During last night's GOP debate, Herman Cain defended himself from sexual harassment charges in a not especially compelling way.

Cain: “I don’t even know who this lady is.”

At a press conference yesterday, GOP Presidential sorta-front-runner Herman Cain emphatically denied ever sexually harassing or behaving inappropriately with anyone. Said Cain of accuser Sharon Bialek, "I don't even know who this lady is."

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