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Trail Ready: Our 12 hiking gear picks

Load up, packers. Here’s the stuff our favorite local outfitters recommend for your trek.
Dick's Creek Falls

12 Great Georgia Hikes

Georgia's landscape has everything from the rugged Appalachians to granite monadnocks and shady creekside trails. We whittled it down to 12 great hikes, fit for an experienced backpacker, day-tripper, or even an urban crusader (two are ITP!).

Get away to Chattanooga

I’m tired of hearing about Chattanooga’s revitalized riverfront. Sure, it’s great, but it’s old news. The plucky railroad town is like the little engine that could, packed with entrepreneurs, techies, artists, and outdoorsy experts.

Get away to Oahu

Last winter I was so sick of holing up in my house, hiding from Atlanta’s dreary, cold weather, that I found myself daydreaming about a warm, tropical vacation.

Hiking with Cujo

So it was with some trepidation, and doubt about my dog's aerobic fitness, that I brought Miles with me to the woods this past weekend to climb 4,696-foot Rabun Bald.

Escape to Blackberry Farm

When I told friends my wife and I were going to Blackberry Farm, I got one of two responses: “What’s Blackberry Farm?” and “Oh my God, I’m so jealous.” Both reactions are understandable.

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