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The Good Book

Some may say my friend Frank is a dinosaur because he owns a bookstore in Inman Park. Yes, a bookstore. You’re probably thinking he may as well sell buggy whips, beepers, or inkwells, and that it’s a marvel his store didn’t die on the side of the information superhighway. But December 1 marks twenty-five years since he opened his store, called A Cappella, and I take Frank’s survival as testimony that the world is not such a suckwad of wasted potential after all.

Kate Sweeney tackles the topic of death with a wicked sense of humor

Death is the single inevitable chapter of every life, even though many people would rather die than talk about it. Thankfully, Kate Sweeney was so fascinated by the subject of how we say goodbye that she decided to do some exploring.

Hollis Gillespie Hacks Into Atlanta Intel Blog!

Hollis Gillespie here, and I'm hacking into this blog to tell people to get out of the house and go to The Decatur Book Festival today! I am also doing this to see if it's even possible, as I've never hacked into anything before, and if I can hack into this blog you are all in trouble, because I have never hacked

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