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As more films like ‘Last of Robin Hood’ are filmed in Atlanta, opportunities for extras are abundant

Seeing Will Ferrell (or is it Ron Burgundy?) on Peachtree Street. Meeting Jim Carrey in a Buckhead Barnes & Noble. Shopping in downtown Athens with Justin Timberlake and Amy Adams. Even receiving wardrobe compliments from Kevin Kline. All totally plausible ventures now that Atlanta and other Georgia cities and towns are becoming go-tos in the film industry for both major and independent studios.

How film producers save big bucks in Georgia

Thanks to the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act, passed in 2008, filmmakers can save up to 30 percent of many dollars they spend here. Although twenty-four other states offer similar incentives, Georgia’s great locations, facilities, industry professionals, and easy transportation sweeten the deal.

Why Reality TV Is the New Pro Wrestling

Have you ever considered the uncanny similarities between the divas of reality TV and the stars of professional wrestling? Think about it. The manufactured rivalries and fistfights? The outlandish costumes? The unbridled egos, the double-crossed friendships, the sexual intrigue? We prove our point:

How to land a role as an extra

A recent local call for *The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 1* sought “men and women skinny types,” while *Teen Wolf* wanted “shirtless guys with athletic bodies (solid chests and abs)” between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five. There’s a part for every body—it just might take a little patience to find yours.

The Perks of Being an Extra

The ad read: “We are seeking a few additional men on a pilot starring Kevin Bacon—men mid 20s to 50s, clean-cut FBI and police types—Must be available to work in Conyers, GA, starting at 6 a.m. and lasting all day both Monday and Tuesday—If you fit this and are available, please email a recent photo and all contact info.”

Stunt Family!

Anderson Martin has taught his three daughters how to take a punch (maintain eye contact with the puncher to time the recoil), how to fall off a building (flatten your body to distribute the impact), and the proper way to get thrown into a trash can while wearing a cocktail dress and stilettos (pray you’ve sufficiently padded the bottom of the can). He has taught them how to react when they’re shot (well, with blanks), set on fire, or turned into zombies.

Home Invasion!

Last spring, Gainesville resident Angela Ivey, a part-time church administrator, was working at home when she noticed a suspicious woman walking around in her driveway. When Angela questioned her, the woman said she was a movie location scout and asked to come inside and take photos. Yeah, right, thought Angela.

The Stalker’s Guide to Atlanta

To find active sets, watch for bright neon signs with bold black arrows and random acronyms. The code is usually an abbreviation for the movie’s name or the production company.

Nov. 2013: The Walking Dead

Your complete guide to life in Hollywood South, including: The star stalker's guide, tales of a stunt family, the perks of being an extra, and a Q&A with Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead

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