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Stunt Family!

Anderson Martin has taught his three daughters how to take a punch (maintain eye contact with the puncher to time the recoil), how to fall off a building (flatten your body to distribute the impact), and the proper way to get thrown into a trash can while wearing a cocktail dress and stilettos (pray you’ve sufficiently padded the bottom of the can). He has taught them how to react when they’re shot (well, with blanks), set on fire, or turned into zombies.

Home Invasion!

Last spring, Gainesville resident Angela Ivey, a part-time church administrator, was working at home when she noticed a suspicious woman walking around in her driveway. When Angela questioned her, the woman said she was a movie location scout and asked to come inside and take photos. Yeah, right, thought Angela.

The Stalker’s Guide to Atlanta

To find active sets, watch for bright neon signs with bold black arrows and random acronyms. The code is usually an abbreviation for the movie’s name or the production company.

Nov. 2013: The Walking Dead

Your complete guide to life in Hollywood South, including: The star stalker's guide, tales of a stunt family, the perks of being an extra, and a Q&A with Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead's Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln)

True Bromance

In the three-plus years since they first met, Lincoln and Reedus have become close friends, which is obvious when they’re together. Both bust each other’s chops (Reedus tends to sign his bar tabs with Lincoln’s name and then send Lincoln a picture of his raised middle finger), but both are generous in their praise of the other.

Atlanta: No. 3 city for movie lovers

This just in: evidently Atlanta is a great place to like movies. A recent study by Movoto deems Atlanta the third best place in the country for movie lovers. We’ll accept the award, even though we suspect it’s a consolation prize because this is too depressing a place to be a sports fan. Think about it. What better way to forget your crushed playoff dreams than to hide in the dark for three hours?

Nine-year-old actress Kyla-Drew Simmons talks Hugh Jackman, Jason Segel

She may be but a wee thing, but she has big ambitions. Simmons grew up in Atlanta but moved to L.A. with her mom last summer to pursue her acting career—and it sounds like it was her idea (see “quadruple threat” aspirations below).

Dumb and Dumber To transforms Cabbagetown into … Rhode Island?

At some point, I suppose, it will stop being a surprise that movie folks ask Atlanta to stand in for so many other places. Odd enough that Woodruff Park was a facsimile of seventies-era NYC complete with overflowing garbage cans and yellow cabs for Anchorman 2. But today, while strolling around our neighborhood, my husband and I came across a crew hard at work constructing a faux Rhode Island streetscape on a long-vacant lot at the corner of Kirkwood Avenue and Pearl Street in Cabbagetown, about the most quintessentially Southern pocket of Atlanta you could hope for.

The Atlanta location missing in Anchorman 2

Like any obsessed Atlantan, I scanned the latest Anchorman 2 trailer to spot scenes of our fair city, which doubled as both San Diego and New York City during the movie’s filming here. But what really struck me is a notable Atlanta absence.

How do you turn downtown ATL into 1970s NYC? Overflowing trash cans

If you work in downtown Atlanta you know (a) it's impossible to just walk out and hail a taxi and (b) there's no such thing as a sidewalk newsstand around here.

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