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Next Cool Event provides gateway to film industry

For Barbara English, it’s all about making connections.

The Walking Dead gets the Bad Lip Reading treatment

The faux dialog replacing actual TWD scripts is funny—in a juvenile way. Rick loses his banjo; Glenn breaks wind; Rick attempts to tell a knock-knock joke, etc.

Talking with Jasha Balcom, former UGA star and baseball stuntman for ’42’ movie

The filmed-in-Georgia Jackie Robinson biopic 42, which opens tomorrow, has another local tie-in: Duluth resident Jasha Balcom. A former UGA baseball star, Balcom served as the stunt double for star Chadwick Boseman in the film's action scenes.

Rock Center on Peachtree Street?

Atlanta is doubling for a number of other places in movies being shot here, ranging from Colorado and Florida (Identity Thief) to Panem (the Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire). But trying to pass downtown Atlanta off as a certain city with a big ice-rink?
The Walking Dead Locations fan site put together a helpful Google Walking Dead map.

Totally awesome Walking Dead map

I don't know about you; but I spend half of each Walking Dead episode squinting at the scenery trying to figure out exactly where in metro Atlanta—aka zombie capital of the USA—that particular zombie gut spill occurred. The good folks at the Walking Dead Locations fan site have put together a helpful Google map that you can use to track the location of every kill, splat, and melodramatic Glenn-Maggie spat. Enjoy

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