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Why Reality TV Is the New Pro Wrestling

Have you ever considered the uncanny similarities between the divas of reality TV and the stars of professional wrestling? Think about it. The manufactured rivalries and fistfights? The outlandish costumes? The unbridled egos, the double-crossed friendships, the sexual intrigue? We prove our point:

What does Facebook Graph say about Atlanta stereotypes?

The social media site rolled out its robust search tool to the public last Monday. For those unfamiliar, this is kind of like Big Brother—if your brother really cared about how much you watch 'The Walking Dead' or wanted to razz you about listening to Zac Brown. You've probably already noticed the new search bar at the top of Facebook.

A plea to partisan media: Leave Honey Boo Boo alone!

A weird thing happened to Honey Boo Boo last week.

Commentary: I ate Cinnabon’s Pizzabon so you won’t have to

This afternoon, I drove to the Cumberland Mall food court and ate Cinnabon's new culinary innovation: the Pizzabon. Earlier this week, the Sandy Springs, Georgia based cinnamon roll chain announced that they'd be testing a pepperoni pizza cinnamon roll hybrid only in their Cumberland Mall location. Reading about it, I felt a curious, sharp pang of responsibility as a food writer. Here was a new food item that could be eventually served at 750 locations in 30 countries across the globe and the opportunity to taste it basically before the rest of the world was essentially in my backyard. I felt a duty to eat the thing.

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