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Donald Albright

How Donald Albright became Atlanta’s podcast kingmaker

Five years ago, Donald Albright was feeling burned out, struggling to find his place as an underappreciated player in Atlanta’s cutthroat hip-hop scene. As it turns out, the hustle he honed in the music business served him even better in the podcast one.
Jeff Arnold & Dawn Whaley Groundbreakers 2018

Jeff Arnold and Dawn Whaley

Jeff Arnold founded WebMD because he thought health should have a homepage. Early on, he met Dawn Whaley, who was a pioneer in dotcom-era public relations. The two have worked together ever since, collaborating on the Convex Group, a media and internet investment organization that ultimately acquired HowStuffWorks in 2002.
Atlanta Monster Atlanta Child Murders Podcast

In a new podcast, the Up and Vanished creators and HowStuffWorks tackle the Atlanta Child Murders

Local filmmaker Payne Lindsey and producer Donald Albright, the duo behind breakout podcast Up and Vanished, have teamed up with Atlanta-based podcast company HowStuffWorks to present Atlanta Monster, a 10-episode podcast series about the Atlanta Child Murders.
HowStuffWorks Question Booth

HowStuffWorks want you to explain the answers to life’s biggest questions

Set up on the second floor of Ponce City Market, the Question Booth is a small recording studio that asks passersby to explain some of life's biggest questions. Why are we here? What happens after we die? Do we have free will?
Stuff You Missed in History Class

How the women behind Stuff You Missed in History Class became unlikely celebrities

Since taking the reins in 2013, Holly Frey and Tracy Wilson typically churn out two half-hour stories a week about bizarre, obscure, bewildering, and often distasteful facets of human history. In doing so, they’ve tripled listenership and created one of the world’s most popular podcasts.

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