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Hugh Acheson’s Five and Ten to move to new location

Chef Hugh Acheson just announced via Twitter that Five and Ten will be moving to a new location down the street. Acheson recently shared the James Beard award for Best Chef Southeast for his work at Five and Ten. According to Acheson, they're looking to open the new location in February. We'll update with more details when we get them.

Empire State South

How do you describe Southern food? Pursuing that answer is as much the daydreamer's indulgence as the academic's conundrum. It’s a workman’s meal of sugarless, butter-smeared cornbread, swiped through a bowl of potlikker and crumbled into the mouth. It’s an antebellum fever dream: she-crab soup, shad stuffed with roe, and the sherry-soaked dessert called tipsy squire consumed using weighty silverware on snowy linens. And it is, of course, an unconquerable buffet of fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, baked ham, candied yams, black-eyed peas, and small plastic bowls filled with peach cobbler sweet enough to give you the sugar jitters.

Automatic for the Diners

I have cried only once at a culinary event: the 2007 James Beard Foundation Awards, when a towering man in a tuxedo and a ruffled shirt bounded onstage, collected the medal that honored his restaurant as an America’s Classic, and opened his mouth. “I want to thank God, R.E.M., and the University of Georgia,” Dexter Weaver said with the booming voice of a preacher. The crowd went wild. All that love for Athens, Georgia, and Weaver’s place overcame me.

Q&A with Hugh Acheson

The name of Hugh Acheson’s new restaurant—his first in Atlanta—sounds retro and progressive at the same time, winking at the city’s history of preening boosterism: Empire State South.

Acheson’s Empire State South: An Update

ATL Food Chatter: April 26, 2010 (To receive the Chatter and other culinary tidbits directly in your inbox, sign up for our weekly dining newsletter)At last week’s Farm to Table and Back event at JCT Kitchen, I spoke with Hugh Acheson about his highly anticipated Atlanta project, Empire State South. Here are some of the latest details:

Acheson kicks off “Farm to Table and Back” series

ATL Food Chatter: April 19, 2010 (To receive the Chatter and other culinary tidbits directly in your inbox, sign up for our weekly dining newsletter)Last Thursday, I had my first taste of Hugh Acheson’s cooking—at a fundraiser organized and hosted by JCT Kitchen called “Farm to Table and Back.” If this was any indication of what the Athens-based James Beard nominee will be serving at his forthcoming Atlanta spot, Empire State South, then Atlanta’s dining scene will definitely have a new star in its universe.

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