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Various cups of Chai

How to make a proper cup of chai

“Chai tea lattes” served at corporate coffee shops differ from a proper cup of chai. In fact, the term “chai tea” is redundant; chai itself is a tea blend.

What I missed most when I moved from India to Atlanta? The steady stream of visitors to my home.

Cocooned in my Atlanta house, I felt safe, but not at home. It was just too quiet. I missed the mayhem. I missed, too, the unplanned, spontaneous comings and goings of neighbors. Everything in America seemed efficiently structured and excessively orchestrated, from children’s playdates to a cable technician’s visit.
Hindu Temple of Atlanta

Metro Atlanta’s shrine to Shiva

On the outskirts of Riverdale comes the unexpected: a pair of white temples—the one pictured is devoted to Shiva, one of Hinduism’s three main deities—with 72-foot-tall towers.

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