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Test Drive: Buckhead’s Cycmode Fitness aims to make cycling more immersive

Buckhead’s Cycmode makes indoor cycling an immersive experience, thanks to an enormous curved screen, the likes of which you normally see only in IMAX theaters.

Spin City: Indoor cycling has taken over Atlanta

Boutique cycling studios have been rolling into town like mad. Here’s an overview of the local clip-in craze.
Cyc Fitness

Get psyched up at Cyc Fitness

If you’re not an avid indoor cyclist, you might assume the scene is the same at every spin studio, with sinewy drill sergeants barking at sweaty masochists.
Target x SoulCycle

SoulCycle x Target offers free indoor cycling classes in Atlanta

The name "SoulCycle" is often spoken in hushed tones, with a reverence more often reserved for the capsule collections at Target. So it makes sense that the indoor-cycling studio with a cult-like following would pair up with the fast-fashion-plus-groceries and-bathmats mecca for pop-up classes in 10 cities.

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