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5 Atlanta events you won’t want to miss: April 26-May 1

5 Atlanta events you won’t want to miss: April 26-May 1

The Atlanta Film Festival kicks off, Inman Park Festival returns, and more fun things to do this week.
Baton Bob

Bob “Baton Bob” Jamerson on positive vibes and fabulous outfits

Fascinated by majorette routines, Baton Bob got his start twirling a broom handle as a kid. As an adult, he began twirling in public as a way to combat depression. "I started going to this park in exercise gear, with my MP3 player and my baton, to twirl my spirit out of this funk. I had the idea of adding costumes to make people laugh. Once I started doing that and set up a website, I started getting responses from fans and seeing the differences I was making in their day."
It’s spring festival season in Atlanta—here are April’s not-to-miss events

It’s finally spring festival season in Atlanta—here are April’s not-to-miss events

To help you plan your April, we rounded up a list of some of metro Atlanta’s not-to-miss spring festivals. Grab your Flonase and add these to your social calendar.
Atlanta coronavirus update

Atlanta’s latest coronavirus updates: Monday, April 20

Over the weekend, a popular coronavirus prediction model showed that Georgia has already hit its peak for fatalities. Here’s your Monday morning update.
Johnny's Hideaway 40th anniversary

5 Atlanta events you won’t want to miss: April 24-30

Life-sized Hot Wheels are coming to Buford with Hot Wheels Legends Tour, improv groups as far away as Los Angeles are coming to Village Theatre for Atlanta Improv Festival, and Johnny's Hideaway is celebrating its 40th anniversary with free cocktails.
Atlanta Strees Alive

Which April Atlanta festival is right for you?

Jam at Sweetwater 420 Festival, devour a giant turkey leg at the Atlanta Renaissance Festival, watch the best international films at Atlanta Film Festival, or, if you just like cheese, go to Grilled Cheese Fest. Atlanta has a festival for everyone.
Atlanta Dogwood Festival

10 Atlanta home and garden events to see this spring

Get some great inspiration for your next makeover project or pick up new artwork for your home with events like the Cobb Gardeners Tour, Inman Park Festival, Atlanta Home Show, and more.

17 May festivals to welcome summer in Atlanta

As summer heats up, so does festival season. From an inaugural taco festival to neighborhood staples, here's 17 options to check out this month.

Atlanta loves art festivals, but local artists are still struggling

The sun shines, birds sing, dogwoods bloom, and weekends brim with festivals. It’s time to grab a beer, take in some music. . . buy some art? Hold on a minute. Atlanta’s festival culture—which, thanks to our mellow climate, is basically a year-round phenomenon—may delude us into thinking we’re supporting the creative class.

The Seed & Feed Marching Abominable unveils its Naughty Bits

As The Seed & Feed Marching Abominable, Atlanta’s iconic kooky community marching band struts into its 40th anniversary today at the Inman Park Festival parade, the act has a souvenir for fans. To celebrate four decades of silliness, the band’s fundraising arm, the Seed & Feed Marching Abominable Endowment, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit, is selling the act’s brand new 2015 "Naughty Bits" calendar.

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