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5 items from Elton John's upcoming auction that tell the story of his life in Atlanta

5 items from Elton John’s upcoming auction that tell the story of his life in Atlanta

The singer spent 30 years at his Buckhead condo, a sanctuary where he could write music and work on his charitable foundation. After selling the condo at the end of last year, Elton John is now hosting massive auction of the art and treasures that filled the home. Here are a few that tell his Atlanta story.

This 1940s ranch house makes it look easy to compose perfectly edited spaces

Whoever thinks ranch houses can’t be sexy has forgotten about California style during the tail end of Hollywood’s Golden Age. When Andy Heyman bought this 1940s-era ranch in 2011, it reminded him of Frank Sinatra’s chic Palm Springs hideaway.
Atlanta Photography

How to buy and collect photography in Atlanta

Thanks to the Atlanta Celebrates Photography festival and a supportive community of galleries and museums, Atlanta has built a reputation as a “photography city.” We asked some local experts for tips on collecting.

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