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Five questions for Mary Williams

In her new memoir, "The Lost Daughter," Mary Williams traces the remarkable arc of her life, from the streets of Oakland to Ted Turner’s Georgia mansion. At age twelve, Williams attended a theater camp sponsored by actress/activist Jane Fonda.

Jane Fonda body parts to be encased in cement

G-CAPP founder Jane Fonda's cinematic career will be encased in concrete this Spring as the two-time Oscar winner is honored at the 2013 TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood. The Atlanta-based cable channel tells Atlanta magazine, Fonda will be recognized in a public ceremony when the 75-year-old activist-actress sticks her hands and feet in wet cement in front of the TCL Chinese Theatre (since Fonda is starring in yoga DVDs for seniors these days, this likely won't be a problem).

Amping up its mission, G-CAPP gets a name change as Jane honors Ted

The woman who has cinematically seduced generations of audiences while floating through space nude in "Barbarella" knew precisely what to do Thursday night when bidding ignited over a trip to her Forked Lightning Ranch in New Mexico during the live auction at EmPower Party, the annual benefit for the Jane Fonda-founded G-CAPP at the Georgia Aquarium downtown.

Jane Fonda hosts a groovy G-CAPP “love in” fundraiser at the Woodruff Arts Center

When the live auction bidding temporarily stalled at the Atlanta premiere of Jane Fonda's new film, "Peace, Love & Misunderstanding" at Symphony Hall Tuesday night, the two-time Oscar winner and Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention founder took to the microphone herself. On the auction block at the G-CAPP fundraiser: A five-day stay at Fonda's ex-hubby Ted Turner's 100,000-plus acre Flying D Ranch in Montana. "I know a lot about this one!" cracked Fonda as the crowd roared. "Visiting this ranch is like visiting Africa. It's bigger than metro Los Angeles. Oh, and it's got a beautiful guest house that I decorated!" The trip ended up fetching $14,500. The CNN founder's name also popped up when Fonda helped to auction off a 2012 trip to the Grammys, complete with an introduction to the now-Los Angeles resident's personal hairstylist and a hike with the Hollywood icon up to the Hollywood sign. "But it's not a bad hike," Fonda explained. "Ted would do it!" The trip went for $18,000.

Fonda introduces “Jane” to Atlanta, leads empowerment discussion at G-CAPP benefit

Most famous people don't dig around in their personal archives for the most humiliating moment of their career and then book the Rich Auditorium at the Woodruff Arts Center and invite 300 people to view the cinematic carnage.

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