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The wait for Jason White ends as he brings “The Longing” to Eddie’s Attic

Sometimes, it can take a lottery winner a minute to process what's happened to him. In 2001, Nashville singer-songwriter Jason White released a critically acclaimed debut album, "Shades of Gray." After reps for Tim McGraw got an earful of White's song, "Red Rag Top" off the album, the country superstar recorded a hit cover of the tune. Wheelbarrows of cash and songwriting opportunities were pushed in front of White. But after a 2003 follow up, "Tonight's Top Story," White disappeared from the New Releases buzz bin, along with MTV's Buzz Bin and most bricks and mortar record shops for that matter. Forty seven Lady Gaga singles and 137 asymmetrical haircut-laden Lady Antebellum videos later, White is back with an excellent third album, "The Longing" and an appearance in the round Saturday night at Eddie's Attic in Decatur.

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