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New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

A horse-racing track hosts this forty-five-year-old music festival, better known as Jazz Fest. It began as a celebration of Louisiana musicians and now includes folk, rock, rap, country, and gospel acts.

Johnny Mercer’s Southern sound

Historians have tried to define the South, but few will leave you humming the Great American Songbook quite like Glenn T. Eskew does in Johnny Mercer: Southern Songwriter for the World.

A jazzy celebration of Ray Charles

When the houselights dim and stage lights go up at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre on the evening of February 26, artists will stand in the wings ready to sing Ray Charles classics.

Marcus Roberts tunes up for a weekend at The Velvet Note

With the silencing of Churchill Ground’s Whisper Room and the wrecking ball ravaging of Dante’s Down the Hatch, it hasn’t exactly been a stellar year for Atlanta jazz fans. But now with the elimination of tolls on Georgia 400, more Atlanta listeners may be headed up to Alpharetta to check out the Velvet Note Acoustic Living Room. Especially now that the intimate club has snared internationally regarded jazz pianist Marcus Roberts for a three-night stand tonight, Saturday and Sunday. Like the Whisper Room and even Eddie’s Attic, the Velvet Note’s emphasis is on the listening experience both for the artists who gig there and the fans who congregate to see them.

Jazz bassist Will Goble’s High Museum homecoming

In the Jazz Times review of his debut album, bassist Will Goble’s original ballad, “Blessed Unrest” is compared to classic collaborations by Stan Getz, Chet Baker and Bill Evans. Late Thursday night, Goble, 29, was attempting to articulate the compliment over the phone when his voice suddenly trails off.

How Southern Are We?

What does it mean to “be Southern”? An entire academic subculture is devoted to “Southern Identity,” but even its scholars haven’t reached consensus.

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